John now offers offers you the ability to purchase his video products from his Purple Platform shop. You may have already purchased products on this platform; if so, you already have a Platform Purple account. This is the same platform that sells digital download videos from Homespun Tapes, Stefan Grossman and many other companies.

Advantages of buying digital

  • Instant delivery - Browse, search, preview and start enjoying within seconds after purchase.
  • Instant access - Watch on your tablet, smart TV, laptop or smartphone, online or offline.
  • Safe - Unlike discs that can get damaged or lost, you’ll never lose a purchase.
  • Eco friendly - Go green with digital videos!
  • Common Access - You can access videos from John and many other teachers and performers on a common platform.
  • Plus - You will get any additional materials (TAB, PDFs, sheet music, or student materials) that are normally included with a DVD.


How do I watch these videos?

When you decide to buy one of John's digital videos, you will complete the purchase transaction on the Purple Platform website. If you have already have a Purple Platform account, be sure to use the e-mail address you used for those purchases so that all your content is available together. After you make your purchase, you will be able to watch your video using one of these methods:

1. Watch instantly
When you buy, rent or subscribe to content in our store, you enjoy complimentary streaming access with the Purple Platform's CloudPlayer. Just log in to your Platform Purple account with your browser to access your videos. You can use this anytime you have a decent internet connection on your tablet, laptop, smart TV or smartphone.

2. Download your Video
Video streaming is awesome, but if you want a perfect playback experience, anytime, anywhere, online or offline, then get your free app for your computer or device, and then download your videos!

Have more questions? Check out the Purple Shop FAQ page.