A Best Kept Secret!

Not too many people know that John Standefer is also an excellent guitar tech. He has 18 years of experience working on guitars during his music store days (plus another 20 years since then). John has a great shop full of tools and is is particularly good with guitar setup work to make instruments play better. This includes fret work, adjusting and making new saddles and nuts, neck adjustments, strobe tuning, compensation, etc.. The photo at the right shows a corner of John's shop.

John became interested in repair, design and customizing guitars in 1978 and soon joined the Luthier's Guild. He worked in two large music stores as a guitar department head and repairman for nearly two decades before launching back into the performing, recording and teaching career he enjoys now.

He never actually stopped working on instruments though. Of course, he does all his own guitar work, but he also continues to set up and repair instruments, install pickups, etc. for others. If you live near Vancouver, WA and are looking for help with any guitar issues, drop John a line.

John's Guitar Shop

Here John shows a uke he was building during its finishing stages in 2014
Midway through the process of leveling frets on a Les Paul...