House Concerts: The New Trend

Instead of paying the big bucks to sit in a huge auditorium to attend a concert, House Concerts allow the audience to all sit within 25 feet of the performer and pay a very low cost for tickets. It’s up close and personal – and everyone gets a ‘backstage pass’ to hang out with the artist! An average house concert might only offer 30 seats at $20 per seat. It’s like being onstage with the performer and great fun for all concerned.


If you love good guitar music, know others in your network of friends and family who would feel the same way, and have an area in your home where you could set up a good number of folding chairs, then why not contact John to discuss holding a concert in your home?

If you live within driving distance to Vancouver, Washington it’s a shoe-in. Don’t be discouraged, however, if you live in other states across the country. Contact John anyway. In order to cover travel expenses, John would likely need to book two events in the same area or catch you on a ‘tour’ of some kind, but this isn’t impossible at all. Give John a shout, express an interest, and get the ball rolling. It’s a great experience and a beautiful thing to do for your circle of friends as well!

"Think Carnegie Hall in your Living Room. John Standefer is superb." Pat Q., Los Angeles
"John Standefer is one of the few top Fingerstyle guitar players in the country.  It was an honor to have him play a concert at my house.  My friends were touched and amazed by his playing and his words.  I am still being asked when he might come back.  You will love having John and those who come will never forget it ...and neither will you. " Jim S., Orlando, FL